Acadmic Programs - Undergraduate

Environmental Health

Admission conditions:

Duration of the Study:

Awarded Degree:

Semester 1

CourseHouresCourse Code
General Chemistry 4(2+4)HES112
Mathematics 2(2+0)HES113
General Physics 2(2+0)HES114
Introduction of Health Sciences 3(2+2) 
Biology 3(2+2)HES115
Computer Basics 3(1+4)UCS13
Arabic language (language skills 2(2+0)UAR10
English (1 2(2+0) 

Semester 2

CourseHouresCourse Code
Biochemistry 3(2+2)HES122
Primary health care 3(2+2)HES123
Drawing construction 2(1+2)HES124
Principles of Pharmacology and Toxicology3(2+2)HES125
Arabic Language (writing and arts expression 2(2+0)UAR20
English (22(2+0) 
Principles of Anatomy and Physiology3 (2 +2)HES126

Semester 3

CourseHouresCourse Code
Biochemistry 3(2+2)HES122
Introduction entomology 2(1+2) 
Medical Sociology 2(2+0)HES235
Purposes of Islamic law.. 2(2+0)UIS12
Arabic language (dictionaries and terminology2(2+0)UAR30
English 3 2(2+0) 
General Microbiology3(2+2) 

Semester 4

CourseHouresCourse Code
Microbiologist in the food3(2+2)HES241
Environmental Epidemiology4(3+2)EPH502
Community Development 3(3+0)HES243
Epidemiologists 2(1+2)HES244
health education 3(2+2)HES245
Psychology and behaviors2(2+0)HES246
Arabic Language (practical texts 2(2+0)UAR40
English (4 2(2+0) 
Islamic sources of knowledge 2(2+0)UIS22

Semester 5

CourseHouresCourse Code
Pesticides... 2(1+2)HES351
Environmental Pollution3(3+0)HES254
Safety and health of water2 (1+2)HES352
Communicable and endemic diseases3 (2+2)HES353
Safety and health of meat and dairy3 (2+2)HES355
health education 3(2+2)HES245
Nutrición humana3(2+2)HES357
Entrenamiento de campo.2 (1+2) 

Semester 6

CourseHouresCourse Code
Gestión de residuos sólidos3(2+2)HES361
Health laws (13(2+0) 
Waste Disposal 2(2+0)HES365
Health inspection (1) 2(0+4)HES356
Research Methods 3(3+0)HES367
Safety and health food3(2+2)HES362
Vector pathogens3(2+2)HES363
pharmacology2 (2+0)HES368
Field training (health intervention3 (1+4)HES369

Semester 7

CourseHouresCourse Code
Health Planning 2(2+0)HES473
Population Education 2(2+0)HES477
Design of Experiments2 (2+0)HES472
Quarantine Act controlled foods2 (2+0)HES474
Public Administration2(2+0)HES475
Health Economics2 (2+0)HES476
Occupational Health3(2 + 2)HES478
Ethics2 (2+0)HES479
Health Management of Disasters3 (3+0)HES471

Semester 8

CourseHouresCourse Code
Mental Health3(2+2)EDH481
School Health3(2 + 2)ENH482
Routine immunization activities  
Health Promotion3(2+2)EDH484
Psycholog3(2 + 2)EDH485
Industrial Waste Management4(3 + 2ENH486

Semester 9

CourseHouresCourse Code
Psycholog3(2 + 2)EDH485
Environmental management and Impact Assessment4 (3 + 2)ENH502
Field Training (Water supply+ Liquid waste + solid waste4(1 + 6)ENH505
Field Training (Occupational Health+ Vector Control)4(1 + 6)ENH504
Graduation Research (1  
Measurement of Environmental Pollutants4(2 + 4)ENH503

Semester 10

CourseHouresCourse Code
of Health Care Wastes4(3 + 2)ENH511
Health Administration of water resources3(2 + 2)ENH512
Field Training (Administrative activities & Planning4(1 + 6)ENH514
Management of environmental health services3(2 + 2)ENH513

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