About The Faculty

Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences was established in 1994 in Elhosh town, at the locality of south Gezira, based on the decision of the University Council under the guidance of the Presidency of the Republic, as one of the faculties of the health system to fill the gap in the health Cadres which concerned with health and preventive programs. The philosophy of the Faculty, which it's a part of the philosophy of University of Gezira, is based on the integration of knowledge, education and scientific research related to the society to identify its health problems and contribute to solve them. The faculty currently has five departments: Environmental Health, Food Safety and Health, Epidemiology, Health Education and Basic Sciences. The study began with the current curriculum in 1995, to award the degree of Bachelor of Science (General) in Health and Environmental Sciences. Graduated from the faculty until now about 18 batches with this Curriculum . In April 2011, the curriculum of the Faculty of Public Health and Environmental hygiene was developed four years to the Bachelor of Public Health and Environmental Health with honors in five years in the following specialties: (Environmental Health - Food Safety and hygiene – Epidemiology – Health Education). Funded by Jeddah Development Bank.


The Faculty is committed to maintain excellence in the creativity and spread of knowledge in public health. Based on this vision, resources and infrastructure will be complemented and programs and activities will be activated to enable students and teaching staff to collaborate in learning and as well as scientific research. As Allowing them to work together as a responsible members and participants in community development.


Contribution to the human development movement through the graduation of qualified health cadres to lead the process of health promotion and reduce equipment injury and disability and environmental conservation and the ability to monitor and measure and evaluate the various environmental physical, chemical, biological , planning and implementation of health programs to preserve the environment and resources for the well-being of humanity.

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