Basic sciences Department

The Department of Basic Science is specialized in teaching general chemistry courses, physics, mathematics, biology, computer basics, parasites, and university requirements.

  1. 1/ Preparing and qualifying students to work in the field of basic sciences.
  2. 2/ Working in the field of health, prevention and environmental awareness to prevent infectious, endemic and epidemic diseases.
  3. 3/ Conducting scientific and applied research aimed at solving the problems of environmental health and community health.


"The Department works to help competent health cadres, which have the ability to face the issues of sanitation and to protect human from the environmental risks which related to the environment and which contributes to the control of infectious, endemic and epidemieinc diseases through the work in the field of environmental health as well as its work in the field of health and preventive and environmental awareness to prevent infectious diseases. community health development, promotion, and participation in the development of society and the environment"."

Basic sciences


""This Department provides technical visions in the field of basic sciences. It is considered non-specialized department and it's also interested with the development of the University's requirements such as Arabic, Islamic, English, physics, mathematics, general chemistry and computer.""

Basic sciences

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