Health education Department

One of the tasks of this department is to provide technical consultations in the field of health education for official and voluntary bodies and to establish partnerships to implement health education programs aimed at adopting positive attitudes and practices that promote the health of the individual and rural and urban communities.

  1. 1/ Preparing and qualifying students to work in the field of health education.
  2. 2/ Conducting applied research in the field of health education.
  3. 3/Dealing and interaction with health problems of the community by raising health awareness and put appropriate solutions.
  4. 4/ Getting acquaintance to Sudanese cultures, attitudes and practices that related to health and disease.
  5. 5/ Training health cadres scientifically to use modern techniques and systems in the field of hygiene and food safety.


""The Department's commitment to maintain the scientific excellence of students and rehabilitate graduates and researchers at the highest level at the world which they have excellent scientific and applied ingredients that make them able to keep pace with advanced systems and modern techniques in the field of food safety and hygiene."

Health education


""To contribute effectively to the human and economic development of the community in the preparation of effective food safety and health, which contribute to control of food borne diseases and the practice of food control activities and consumer protection by providing food products of quality and free from various contaminants and conduct a comprehensive health survey to obtain the statistical information's necessary to study the problems and the development of appropriate solutions to them on scientific foundations through the health and medical team on the health of food and the ability to communicate and integration with health devices horizontally and vertically in solving health problems and to carry out health and public awareness by using all means of communication in the field of and food safety hygiene. ""

Health education

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