Epidemiologists Department

The Department has registered all the members of the teaching staff in the internal registration program for higher education, of them are doctoral students and one of them is a master's degree. And the rest of the teaching staff are about to be discussed and trained in the practical side of the doctoral program to the Arab Republic of Egypt for a period of six months at the Higher Institute of Public Health to analyze the samples of food dealers to discover those who affected with the microbial typhoid among them. Training opportunities have also been given to the department's teaching staff to achieve the desired benefit and distinction.

  1. 2/ Graduation of healthy cadres that contribute to the control of communicable diseases.
  2. 1/ Participation in the provision of health services in the field of epidemiology to promote health at the individual, family and community level.
  3. 3/ Cooperation with relevant bodies internally and externally in controlling infectious diseases.
  4. 4/ Preparing continuing education programs in all Fields of public health and preventive medicine.
  5. 5/ interest with researches in the health problems related with the region.


"The aim of the Department is to be able to identify and monitor patterns, trends, causes and factors contributing to their spread, to monitor infection and early surveillance of epidemics and health events, and participation in programs to combat and eradicate infectious diseases, to conduct researches, scientific and applied studies related to health and the environment, the society for the purpose of employing them to serve the community issues.""



""The problem of health is of great importance to all countries of the world and organizations official and non-official bodies in all forums and health development is no longer a matter of interest to the health sector, but its closely linked to all aspects of economic development and it must be familiar with the student and the full knowledge of the objectives and characteristics of epidemiology and real strategy Which leads to achieving the motto of health for all as well as aware of all the developments and radical changes of this strategy and recognize that they are part of the health system through its philosophy and principles that lead to the provision of health services to every citizen to participate in planning and Implementation and evaluation.""


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