Environmental Health Department

The Environmental Health Program at University of Gezira designed to provide the students with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of environmental health, as well as preparing students to be professionals capable of integrating and applying basic knowledge of public health and environmental health and participating in researches that increases knowledge of public health and environmental health and gain the skills needed to evaluate and improve health status through researches and provide services.

  1. 1/ Meeting the needs of the community of qualified health cadres trained in the field of environmental health.
  2. 2/ conducting researches, scientific studies, basic and applied health and environment for the purpose of employment to serve community issues.
  3. 3/ Contributing in putting the foundations, plans and standards for community health.
  4. 4/ Qualifying and preparing students to obtain the scientific degree in the field of Environmental Health.
  5. 5/ submission to the graduates studies at the master's and doctorate levels to prepare specialized cadres in environmental health.


""The Department is committed to the objectives of the University and the faculty which aimed to the excellence and scientific creativity and maintain it by keeping up with scientific and practical developments in the field of environmental health.""

Environmental Health


""Qualifying trained and specialized cadres in the fields of environmental health capable of planning, measuring and evaluating environmental factors that directly or indirectly affect human health and environment.""

Environmental Health

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